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Dining out for busy
restaurant lovers

Be seated and served upon arrival.
No bill at the end of the meal.

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Save Time
Save precious time when getting seated, ordering and paying your restaurant meals
Get Discounts
Take advantage of great deals on your favourite restaurants with just a few swipes on our app
One Click Pay
Forget about waiting for the bill and leave the restaurant as soon as you finish your meal


Browse and discover restaurants in your city. With just a few clicks you will find amazing meals that you can order from your phone.



Select your meal starters, sides, drinks or anything else and customize your order with specific instructions and alergen specifications. Place your order and it will be ready by the time you arrive at the restaurant.



Simply head over to the restaurant and you will find your table ready with your meal ready to be served. Enjoy your lunch or dinner and leave without having to wait for the bill.


Currently available in Barcelona City

Click Meal lets you order and pay your meals from your favourtie restaurants before
you arrive so you don’t have to waste time ordering or paying.


We are soon expanding to other cities in Spain

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What people are saying
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"It's practical and easy, it saves me time at noon and I always love the way they treat me in restaurants"


"With this app I can pick up the food or eat it in the same restaurant, this is perfect when some days I do not have time to eat"


"I love the quality of the ClickMeal restaurants, when I decide where I'm going to eat I know that it will not disappoint me."