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Help & Support

For any further information please contact us at or use the form below to submit a support request.

Contact Info

Click Meal S.L. NIF B65562613
Calle Balmes 209, 5-2, 08006, Barcelona España

For assitance call 901 001 891
Open everyday from 09:00-21:00

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Click Meal?

Click Meal is a mobile platform that allows you to discover all the best restaurants around you with just a few clicks. You can pre-order and collect everything you want at your suitable time.

How can I use Click Meal?

You can use Click Meal by downloading our app available for iOS and Android or by accessing our website at www.Click

In which occasions and cities can I use the service?

You can use Click Meal everytime you want: you can preorder your coffees as well as your lunches and dinners. The service is currently available in Barcenona.

How can I purchase an order?

To purchase an order you just need to open the app and choose the restaurant where you want to eat. Add to your basket everything you desire. Then add your credit card and any promo code. Then just click “Confirm order” and wait until you receive the confirmation notification.

How can I register to the service?

Just open the app and fill in your email or your telephone number. Confirm your email by opening your mailbox, or insert the number that you received through sms.

How can I verify my number?

To verify your number just wait for our confirmation sms and insert in the app box the code number we sent you.


I have a promo code, how can I use it?

Insert the promo code name in entry “Insert promocode” before confirming your order.

How do promo codes work?

The promo code functionality is easy: a name is related to a discount which can be in euros (€) or percentage (%). The minimum order that you need to do in order to use the promo code is usually always specified. In the case where it isn’t, the minimum order always amounts to 1 euro (1€) more than the promo code itself. Furthermore, if for instance the promo code that you have amounts to 2 euros (2€), the minimum order must be of at least 3 euros (3€).


How can I add a payment method to my account?

To add a payment method, just open the app and go to the “Profile” section; then select the entry “Payment methods”. Click on “Add a card”. If, however, you want to add a payment method before confirming your order, swipe left on your card and click on “+”. At the check out, the card that you see on the top will be the one used for the payment.

Can I modify my payment methods?

In order to modify your payment methods, go to the “Profile” section in the app and select the entry “Payment methods”. Swipe your card left and click on “remove”. You then will need to add your card details again.


Are there any commissions or surcharges?

For our customers we generally don’t apply any commissions nor surcharges. In some rare cases, at the restaurant’s discretion, there might be some surcharges. In these case, you will see the entry “Prices are subject to an increase of x%” in the restaurant’s details.

When will I be charged for the order?

You will be charged for the order as soon as you will have clicked on the entry “Confirm order”.